Cargill, COFCO and Bunge lead exports in the 2021/22 campaign

Cargill, COFCO and Bunge lead exports in the 2021/22 campaign

To date, the main exporters of grains, oilseeds and by-products in Argentina have been Cargill and COFCO with 9.6 and 9 Mil MT respectively, while Bunge completes the podium, coming in 3rd place.

With the 2021/22 campaign still underway for the different cereals, oilseeds and by-products that Argentina sells abroad (wheat, corn, soybeans, barley, sorghum, sunflower, rice, peanuts, and vegetable oils), exports have recorded a total of 72.2 million MT in the Exports Sworn Declarations system (DJVE). This figure is almost 22 Mil MT below the DJVE recorded on the same period last year, where we saw a record campaign for grains and by-products traded internationally.

Cargill leads the ranking of grain and by-product exporters in Argentina so far with 9.6 Mil MT of exports. In this campaign, the company’s main trade has been corn, being the second-largest exporter of the cereal with 5.2 Mil MT. Meanwhile, it is also second in the export of wheat with 2.4 Mil MT of recorded sales. Regarding exports of soybean by-products, the company ranks fifth in soybean meal with 1.5 Mil MT and second in soybean oil with 0.4 Mil MT.

Next comes the Chinese capital holding company, COFCO, with a very small difference in relation to the 1st place, accumulating exports of just over 9 Mil MT. In third, fourth and fifth place in the ranking we find Bunge, ADM and Oleaginosa Moreno (Viterra) with 7.5, 7.4 and 7.2 Mil MT, respectively.

When it comes to WHEAT, the main exporter in Argentina is COFCO with 2.7 Mil MT. Closely behind follows Cargill (2.4 Mil MT), Bunge (2.2 Mil MT) and ADM (1.9 Mil MT).

Regarding MAIZE, ADM takes the lead in exports with 5.4 Mil MT of DJVE recorded for the current campaign. Second comes Cargill (5.1 Mil MT), then COFCO (4.4 Mil MT), Bunge (3.6 Mil MT) and the local cooperative ACA (3.3 Mil MT), which had been strongly increasing its participation in the last two campaigns after the inauguration of the port plant in Timbues, though in the 21/22 cycle is occupying the 5th position.

If we look at the ranking of exporters of SB BY-PRODUCTS—where the main export product is soybean meal—we see the results go hand-in-hand with ownership and capacity of the soybean crush plants owned by each business group at their riverside terminals. In turn, the ability to import soybeans from Paraguay to raise protein level of SBM exported by Argentina is paramount in this business. As for SBO, its conversion into biodiesel takes an important role when sold to foreign destinations.

In the case of soybean oil, the business group Oleaginosa Moreno Hnos. (Viterra) ranks first with 0.8 Mil MT recorded in the DJVE for the 2021/22 campaign. It is closely followed by Cargill, Molinos Agro, AGD and COFCO with oil exports between 0.4 and 0.3 Mil MT.


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