• We are a dynamic Shipping Agency

    That provides services for charterers and ship owners in all Argentina and Uruguay ports.

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Who we are

WBL was established in 2014 by a group
of extremely experienced shipping professionals.

WBL is a ship agency covering ports of Argentina and Uruguay
providing dynamic and flexible services in an ever-changing shipping market as the Rio de la Plata river.

We aim to be your local partner and develop a long term and trustworthy relationship with you by
providing an active, hands on response to all your requirements.

Our team combines high skilled professionals with vast experience in the Latin American shipping market
as Traders, Agency operators, Merchant Mariners and Principals. This background coupled with a
committed and reliable management guarantees a prompt and integrated solution to your needs.

Ports of Argentina and Uruguay

Ports of Argentina and Uruguay
which thrives out of providing
dynamic and flexible services

High skilled professionals

High skilled professionals with vast
experience in the Latin American
shipping market

Local Partner

We aim to be your local partner
and develop a long term and
trustworthy relationship


WBL  offers a 360º expertise in all commercial and operations aspects of logistics

Ships agency services

Dry bulk and tanker tramp operations
Husbandry services
Bunker operations arrangements and trading
Customs procedures
Freight Forwarding
Spare parts clearance and delivery
Barge operations

Our personnel is available to satisfy and promptly solve our clients needs
on a 24/7 SHINC basis!

Our greatest differential is our cost effective, straight forward, ethical and aggressive approach to
such a complex operations theatre as the Rio de la Plata river.


We understand that information is a valuable asset that can define the outcome of a business, for this
reason our market intelligence department continuously produces statistical as well as “on the spot”
reports and bulletins to keep our partners and client´s updated on this critical aspect of shipping.


Uruguay 33,115 Paraguay 2,134
Africa 4,358,918 Arab Gulf 6,975,557
Brazil 8,383,673 Continent 15,090,905
Far East 36,118,082 India 4,018,619
Med. Sea 17,388,842 Other 688,198
USG & Caribs 4,863,182 WCSAM 4,585,349

TOTAL 102,506,574

Port information

Port selector

Please, select port and then terminal to get more tecnical information


Ports distances
Mi / Km
Recalda (P/S) Zona Común (P/S) La Plata Buenos Aires Escobar Campana Zárate Lima San Pedro Ramallo San Nicolás Rosario San Lorenzo Diamante
Recalda (P/S) 187 197 239 283 315 333 356 457 508 531 601 633 726
Zona Común (P/S) 101 10 52 96 128 146 169 270 321 344 414 446 539
La Plata 106 5 62 106 138 156 179 280 331 354 424 456 549
Buenos Aires 129 28 33 68 100 136 141 242 293 316 386 418 511
Escobar 153 52 57 37 32 50 73 174 225 248 318 350 443
Campana 170 69 75 54 17 18 41 142 193 216 286 318 411
Zárate 180 79 84 73 27 10 23 124 175 198 268 300 393
Lima 192 91 97 76 39 22 12 101 152 175 245 277 370
San Pedro 247 146 151 131 94 77 67 55 51 74 144 176 269
Ramallo 274 173 179 158 121 104 94 82 28 23 93 125 218
San Nicolás 287 186 191 171 134 117 107 94 40 12 70 102 195
Rosario 325 224 229 208 172 154 145 132 78 50 38 32 125
San Lorenzo 342 241 246 226 189 172 162 150 95 67 55 17 93
Diamante 392 291 296 276 239 222 212 200 145 118 105 67 50

Tax Affidávit

As per Argentine law 10% of outward freight is presumed to be profit and taxed with 33% which results in
3,5% of tax over the gross freight.

The responsibility of collecting such payment before taxation authority falls over the vessel`s agents
and/or argentine freight payers.

Having said that, owners can avoid payment of this taxi if there is a double taxation agreement between
Argentina and the country where the owner´s company is located. 

Australia Croatia Kyrgyzstan Serbia-Montenegro
Austria Denmark Letonia Slovenia
Armenia Estonia Lithuania Sweden
Azerbaijan Finland Malaysia United Kingdom and
Belarus France Mexico Northern Ireland
Belgium Georgia Moldova U.S.A.
Bolivia Germany Netherlands Tadjikistan
Bosnia/Herzegovina Greece Norway Turkmenistan
Brazil Iran Panama Ukraine
Canada Israel Paraguay Uruguay
Colombia Italy Peru Uzbekistan
China Japan Portugal Yugoslav Federative
Cuba Kazakhstan Russia Republic

The double taxation agreement covers the final freight beneficiary and does not depend on the vessel`s flag to
qualify for this exemption.

In order to apply for this exemption the owner or operator must provide certified tax affidavit must be sent to the
agent so it can be filed and presented to the freight paying party in order to avoid that they deduct the 3,5% tax on
freight as explained above.

The procedure to follow is the following:


Fill in and sign the tax affidavit form Certify your signature with a public notary Get the affidavit signed and stamped
by the local tax authority and certify the signature by a public notary or follow the following alternatives:


If the tax authority signature is registered in the argentine consulate then the argentine consulate will certify it.


If not, you will have to find somebody whose signature is registered.


Get the public notary`s signature certified by the Argentine consulate. However, if the affidavit is produced in one of
the following countries the certification by the Argentine Consulate can be avoided by having the notary public
signature certification made out in accordance with the Apostille procedure (the Hague Convention):

Austria France Japan Slovenia
Belgium Germany Netherlands Spain
Bosnia/Herzegovina Greece Norway Switzerland
Croatia Israel Panama U.S.A.
Finland Italy Portugal United Kingdom


Our Team

For any questions, please contact us.

+54 11 4853 4361
Carlos Alfredo Terreni
General Manager

With a vast experience in management, our President supervises our financial and accounting area.

Andres Delamer
Commercial Operations

As a former naval officer with seagoing experience, Andres has developed a technical and commercial background for the last 21 years. Founding partner of WBL Logistic Solutions, he has vast experience in shipping focused on business strategy.

Agustin Rossi

International Business professional with more than 10 years of experience in shipping, international sales, and bunker operations. Agustin has developed great long-term relations all over Europe and Asia.


Diego E. Jordan
Commercial Operations

With more than 20 years of experience in shipping, operations, and working side by side with owners, Diego is a specialist in achieving operational efficiency.

Franco Pisano

As Dox department manager, Franco provides high standard support to Maritime Operations improving procedures, and commercial outcome of our partner’s business for the last 11 years.

Lucila Aquino
Commercial asistant

As a member of the commercial team, Lucila is in charge of delivering proformas and follow up reports.





Gastón Frutos

Shipping professional with vast experience in port operations focused on achieving efficiency.

Oscar Arrojo

Professional with more than 15 years in charge of administration department in maritime agencies, focused in financial
efficiency and achieving Human Resources synergy.

Gonzalo Herrera

In charge of DA department, Gonzalo has been working in this sector for more than 10 years. Also, he has develop the
ability to manage critic situations with successful results.